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Anand Mahindra is a total wimp

In Twitter you can see many tweets by Anand Mahindra which may give us an opinion that he is a very courageous and strong person. But in reality dude's just a wimp. He has no control over any of his businesses. The upper managements of his companies like tech Mahindra or Kotak Mahindra screw with the companies as if they want. But he has no guts to question them.

May be it's because most of his ventures have failed very badly. Apart from his automobile division his other divisions have longlist of notriety among customers. Newly Tech Mahindra has joined that list. Techm is having a hard time recruiting employees especially laterals as many are not showing interest in joining the firm. Clients are moving out because of pathetic delivery services.

Really that guy who leaked that call did a great job. It completely destroyed the image of the company and showed techm for what it truly is. Anand Mahindra must have had consistent nightmares after that call leak.

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AMahindra is a id--t. He will enjoy while TechM resources are sacked out.

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Yes, you are true. The company which can change your feedback and rating in the mid-term appraisal after 6 months from the backend just to tell the world that you are underperfomer, just imagine how trustworthy the company is. Their so called mid-level management s---s, they behave like a dictator. I never see them building teams but groups always bowing down before them.Pathetic company and culture.....

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