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Little tiny hope for another merger

Someone has been buying millions of Jan 19 options at 120 and 125 strike prices. It’s a very very long shot but hopefully they know something we don’t. Management has kept their mouth shut, either because they have no clue what to do or they are working on something better ?

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The china employees are smart and at least get some reward for being smart in China even if competition is high. It's not true in the other division where the fool always the one leading the group. China is going ahead because it has plan to grow this industry. The rest is just taking the money when they can and they hurt their own people without a second thought. The fool only gets the money once and then waste and lose it. Once NXP (and the other company like it) is gone never again will it employ people and the fool will have been allowed to walk away. It seems crazy that people do not speak and instead wait for the everything destroyed.

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shouldn't be too hard to figure out. They have been predictable so far.

I don't think whatever they announce will need much regulatory approval, especially joint US/China so that makes public takeovers of any size less likely.

My bet is on divestitures/ piece by piece sales/ joint venture announcement or perhaps even a return to Private ownership. With that comes big layoffs of course, but they could sell the fabs, reducing count and still maintain revenues. They have also been happy running high debt ratios and being private lets them make private stock deals like that suggested. Given where sales are I think China is still heavily on the playing field with their next move. Its also likely to mean much less of a US operation.

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Bro wait for the Investor day on 11th Sept:

They will announce something there.. Could be anything: spinoff, buyout, layoff, kickoff, fed off...

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Which NXPer wants another round of buyout activity?.

The company gets worse and smaller every time. If you look back RC has been selling pieces or setting it up for sale since he was installed in 2009.

This last exercise was described as "inexplicable" and "bizarre":

Each time there is a buyout there is also appears to be unusual trading prior to announcements that suggest somebody has advance information. If this is the case the place to report insider trading is here:

options at 120 or 125 suggest either a merger or a sale of some kind (breakup?). I don't think there are any analysts right now who are predicting that as fair value.

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