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More info on possible layoffs

Could be sooner than September/October, but I've seen October layoffs at other places. I think management favors Q4 because it only affects the last quarter of the year and once the year is over they don't have to talk about it much. Plus, it can make the next year over year comparison look good. October is better than November or December because they don't want to be seen as terminating people around the winter holidays. On the other hand, Met's strategy seems to be to dribble the terminations out, flying beneath the WARN radar and avoiding press.

Both CEO and CFO sent out messages same day.

CEO said employees would be treated respectfully and fairly and would like to get reductions by normal attrition. That's nice. But folks long tenor folks with good pensions, good pay, and good benefits aren't going to leave voluntarily.

CFO said grows will occur in Warsaw, Poland, Kuala Lampur, Maylasia and Noida, India.

Cost initiative boils down to sending work to non-USA locations as much as possible.

Lot's of high cost labor in NYC, but they seem untouchable. Will be interesting to see what happens.

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What kind of retirement plan changes?

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Well September has come and gone and rumors of small terminations but nothing major.

CEO changed the retirement plan for long-timers, but doesn't take effect for a couple of years.

Long timers might not like it. Not likely to make them quit though.

Plan seems to be to incrementally offshore as much as possible.

October 1 company moves many employees to a new entity "Metlife Services". One question - can I change my timesheet for the first week in September? Yeah, I got the million emails on the subject.

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If I could rate this company would be a negative number, lol, I ma not sure how they stay in business, t

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MOST Managers are rude, they lied to employees. The elevators are scary to ride - lots of foreigners, here, is like living in third world, The employee committee is awful and no one partakes in any activities

Recruiters lie to your applicants. Give everyone a fair chance and make new managers have a mentor and take management classes, the ones we have are the worse in the industry

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