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Silent layoffs at Workday

If you read Workday reviews on Glassdoor it’s all milk and honey, but in reality things are not as rosy as some of the reviewers would like you to believe. If you work here you’ll notice that HR is not here to protect the worker and there is a lot of back stabbing and some of the managers are very aggressive and will do things that are not right in order to make themselves look good and successful.

There is a ton of poltroons and a-- kissers in the management ranks, backstabbing is rampant. Also, keep in mind that the company keeps growing, so the headcount numbers keep going up – but a lot of growth is overseas and also, they will hire a lot of young inexperienced staff, sometimes straight out of college and they will eliminate or let go more paid and more experienced people. This is not right and it’s costing the company quite a bit, sooner or later this will catch up with Workday,

I have no doubt about it – there is nothing HR will do to stop this and the management either designs this or silently approves it. If you look at what happened over last 12 months you notice that a ton of IC’s are gone – now, ask yourself why is that the case and why people in QA are leaving a lot.

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