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NASSCOM has become more like some Mexican D--g cartels

Really there is no one to question the attrocities commited by this body right? It's as if they can do whatever they want like charging the clients way more, taking tax breaks from the government, paying employees in peanuts, screwing their lives by portraying them as underperforming etc. This is what happens when you give way to much respect to capitalists. Even in capitalistic countries like USA this would have been a federal crime. But our governments are too afraid to question these companies.

People like c.p gurnani, vinnet Nayyar are class A frauds who needs to punished for their fraudulent activities like excessive hiring for tax breaks, illegal termination of employees, manipulating clients etc. In other countries this would have been a national issue. But apparently in India if you give an apology in the end everything is forgiven I think. It just shows how much our lives are controlled by these corporate companies.

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ever since the marwadi and gujarati entered IT sector it has became a cartel, it started around 2009 when M&M cheif anund muheendraw addressed nasscom and compared the IT salary model to that demon (hiranyokasyaP) frm heendu mythology, this was after he took over beleaugured satyum and laid off about 40000 employee.... ever since the quickest way to boost profit has been to force techies into managment roles and make them share knowledge and exp with juniors and once the newbies come upto speed label the original techies as non performerafter moving the person bench and fire them and then add their name DOB and Identification data into a database shared thro nasscom and prevent them from getting job elsewhere

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