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Massive layoff of 10,000 coming in the fall

I am on the inside exec team and can confirm there will be a massive layoff this fall. The executive management team has finalized the practice areas that will be eliminated and all the employees in the mentioned practices.

Employees with skills will NOT be given an opportunity to transfer within the company, the entire business segment will be closed and all employees within must be eliminated.

It is like a titanic scenario in that if you were unfortunate to sail with that practice you will be forced to go down with the ship.

I will try to name the shutdown areas in another post but I’m afraid I may be under surveillance

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Yes, you are true. The company which can change your feedback and rating in the mid-term appraisal after 6 months from the backend just to tell the world that you are underperfomer, just imagine how trustworthy the company is. Their so called mid-level management s---s, they behave like a dictator. I never see them building teams but groups always bowing down before them.Pathetic company and culture.....

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Is it for real. Are you sure. I work in TM and I have not heard of anything.

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for a long time practice groups have been haven for hoarders, politicking, credit stealing, and of corse rest and relaxation doing nothing but taking highest pay, it surprising to see them still existing here when een tier two firms have eliminated practice groups as they tend to form internal cartels

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