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Close it please!

There is absolutely nothing better than watching the Schenectady manufacturing site slowly slide its way down the guttter towards the drain. The Schenectady site will be around for a long time, but the manufacturing aspects of the location are nearly dead. Salary folks for the most part will be fine as they have an education to fall back on and can relocate. What’s left of the union will be chalenged to ‘make it’ in any surrounding manufacturing environments, and those that do will do so while commanding far less compensation.

273 and it’s adjoining support structures has never been less productive and more vulnerable than it is now - as a stock holder I email shareholder relations in Boston weekly rallying for Schenectady manufacturing to be completely neutered so that dollars can be spent more wisely else where. I’m so happy that an 18 month plan for closure is finally being discussed for 2020. Buy now!

I’m a retiree and had to watch a great plant waste away via poor management and disgusting union practices. I now spend every moment of my retired existence attempting to close Schenectady manufacturing to increase the stock price. The internet is a great tool for stakeholder outreach. It seems that the Boston has its ears open.

God bless and good luck.

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Self anointed stock marker genius is worried about stock price of General Electric??? GE stock was at $35/share in 2008 and has been falling ever since. Knowledgeable money has not invested in GE go over 15 years. Does anyone believe this long winded, friendless & miserable sack of protoplasmic waste?

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Sorry bud just heard they are talking about bringing more work in :) go f--- yourself

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Shut it DOWN!!! NY is a terrible place to live as it is. Nobody working here wants to be here. My dream is that it all relocates to a better state. Then my wife won’t have a choice in if we relocate or not. It’ll be a win win for me!!!

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Good for you buddy! The stank that permeates 273 got deep into your ice cold veins and you're one of us.

I love how you pretend to be so smart trying to increase the stock price for your pension to go up, when all you really are is a sick twisted you-know-what like most of the old timers in this place.

If you actually wanted to have a better portfolio, you would have jumped out when the stock was headed down, instead of trying to ride it up by sending desperate emails to Corporate. There are a lot better ways to invest. And there are a lot better things to do in retirement.

But, you just can't pull yourself away, right? Exactly. Because you're no different than anyone else who spent time in Schenectady.

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