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People need to realize this

The drive business has always had layoffs as part of their DNA. It just comes with being in the storage industry. Since buying these SSD companies, WD has not managed to produce any new SSD products under their leadership, which says something.

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WD upper management never learn the value of more senior, experienced workers bring to their company.

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There’s a difference between a hard worker and a smart worker.

A hard worker sometimes works harder because they don’t know what they’re doing so they have to work longer hours. Or they spent most of the morning spinning their wheels.

A SMART WORKER on the other hand can get their work done in half the time because they’re smart and they know what they’re doing. Saves a company money by delivering quality work.

More senior, experienced workers are more loyal, and know what they’re doing because they have the experience. Saves the company money through their loyalty to their company, but also because they know the job and the importance of providing quality work which their customers will appreciate. In some cases it saves the company money to hire retirees who no longer require healthcare because they already have it through Medicare.

CFOs, CEOs, EXECUTIVES, Why send jobs overseas where your technology will be robbed and used against you (ie Samsung versus Apple). Why not hire employees within your own country, senior retirees who already have the experience and don’t need medical coverage and would be happy with half the pay.

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WD upper management should learn the value more senior, experienced workers bring to their company. They being many years of experience in their field. However with the younger ones, and you’ll end up losing years of productivity because they have to learn how to do the work, and they are inexperienced. Also if you think those workers that stay late working late hours every day are your productive, hard-working ones, think again. Many late (overtime) workers who couldn’t get the work done during the day is usually because they don’t know what they’re doing so they have to work longer to get one thing done. On the other hand the SMART WORKER will get 10 things done in half the day spinning their wheels.

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