Thread regarding McDermott International Inc. layoffs

More layoffs at McDermott International?

I've heard that we might be looking at another significant round of layoffs as soon as next week or the one after it. Any chance somebody here knows more about this?

Whether it's true and if it is, what's going to be affected the most? Which departments and locations?

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"Are you going to buy? This is not a library. "

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Long time McDermott International employees graciously accept "their place" because they see the caste system as good and just and necessary to social order. They see McDermott International as the 13th avatar of the East India Company, the first great multinational which assimilated the homeland with the west and brought prosperity to a few people from Great Britain. Long time employees are the employees who have been here more than four years.

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Mc Dermott international, MII, MDR, or Mc Donald happy meals box ( MDR nuggets / CB&I French fries / Lummus sauce and the unforgettable Shaw Group kid toys), who really cares about the name now, y’all should be thinking about the top VP’s from French fries, the COO rotten nugget and any lead paint toys who may contaminate the happy meal box.

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Oh horeshit. I've been with MCDERMOTT for years. Maybe MII but NOBODY around the office, iemails, or presentations calls it "McDermott International" informally. Nobody in upper management, middle management, rank and file. Nobody on the investor calls except the guy reading the first line of the script. I'm surprised you didn't say we call it "Mister International" with our heads bowed and eyes cast down to show proper respect. Or maybe the name is so holy that we may not speak it.

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All the original mcdermott employees refer to corporate as mcdermott international or MII for short.

They were taught to know their place.

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"McDermott International?" Who calls the company that? Seems like a tell of some outsider trying to rouse us rabble.

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The uneducated crooks leading the educated, construction leading engineering!

How dumb is that?

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One main reason for failure was the Construction Group with no plans. They were doing E and P also.

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You could be a superstar at another company but CBI now mdr will drain any momentum out and turn you into a minion. The company is cursed with gridlock procedures, history of failure and kiss a$$s through out the ranks. Just lay me off and give me my severance. Seriously hoping for it and I know a lot of people are too.

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There lies the problem, keeping senior management. It is because of senior management that CB&I failed. Fix the problem! Hire people that know what they are doing.

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The layoffs will not stop till all but the bare minimum is left in the US. Senior managemaent and a small team of support. Everything else will be closed and moved overseas. India, Mexico, Middle East and Asia are the future of the new organization. All engineering and fabrication can be transferred easily.

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Houston WC engineering needs to be targeted. Matter of fact, they should be eliminated. Their so called engineers do not have a clue what they are doing. They put the company in less than desirable business situations.

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Any department that can easily be transferred to a low cost center is on the block.

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Houston WC Engineering is rumored to be the target this time.

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