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I have a long career, but I dislike this position so much, it's hard to describe it. At MSC there no good way of measuring of success in the the TSR position.

Our commission plan are substandard and goals are almost non-existent...

The culture is rotten, for example many associates leave as they don't value them.

Often they will hire new associates at $15 bucks an hour when senior associates make at least $20 or more.

Overall, it feels like nobody controls the situation on the ground.

Managers either micromanage or have no clue about what's needed to complete the work - they will not develop you and they do not have a resource growth and development plans...

If you are good, if you are exceptional MSC will dump bad accounts on you - outside sales does this - Outside reps don't take accountability for their faults as a company.

So, when you add everything up, I'd be better off if they were to lay me off which is not gonna happen.

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It's a blood bath. They are firing older associates that are highly compensated by using a secret criteria and replacing them with younger applicants at a fraction of the salary. National Accounts and District Managers are the latest causalties. The outside sales team is next. It is very sad what has happened to a once strong company.

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