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Bad Financial Health

They have already been layoffs but they haven't officially called them layoffs. If you look deeply enough anyone who's been with essendant more than 7 to 10 years is no longer with the company basically.

They've been offered packages secretly and have found other positions elsewhere. If essendant announces they're having layoffs it will send a message to the marketplace / Wall Street insinuating the notion of essendant having additional bad Financial Health which is preposterous because the balance sheet already shows the financial struggles essendant is going through. I'm not a financial analyst but I can say this.. essendant biggest struggles are

  • Misguided leadership

  • Merchandising

  • Uncommitted customer base

  • Reaction time to market trends

Being one of the largest players in a dying industry. Essendant has no more room to grow in the office supply industry which was foundation it was based now it's time to contract/step aside and let Amazon and independent reseller buy directly from the manufacturers...

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i wish I would get offered a pkg!! i'm tired! tired of doing the job of half a dozen ppl and getting paid for one!
the other problem with essendant…… I have never in my lifetime worked with so many lazy scheming sleazebags! they all seem to expect a paycheck because they managed to clock in on time and therefore should not be required to do any physical labor as well.

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United Stationers board of directors never should of listened to Cody Phipps former president and then it all went down the c-apper, They never should of merged all the companies under 1 name. Biggest loss of customers ever. Lagasse was a big money maker for them and ruined a good company.

its a damn shame. all they care about is their bonues

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