Thread regarding GE Aviation layoffs

Here comes the shell game

The games will begin, GE management thinks it will absolve debt by spinning it off as part of the spin off of segments, and will hide ineptitude and waste by folding entities into "strong" businesses. Aviation is the fair haired boy of GE, for the time being. We are waiting with baited breath for the other shoe to drop on Aviation. Load it up with the failures and the truth will come out. (Don't look at the finances too closely). What will facilitate the inevitable melt down will be loading up businesses with the extra baggage that caused the overall failure of GE. They never learn, same dog, same trick.

The following link is interesting, classic GE shell game.

If we ran our personal finances like GE does, we'd be in jail, speaking of jail, where's Immelt these days?

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Don't look at the finances too closely? You mean like how GE Aviation "sells" its receivables to GE Capital for a discount so they can report "real cash" each quarter? And like how all the geniuses top line the actual results because the source systems are crap and unreliable?

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You expect any different from our wonderful *LP & CAS program leaders?

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