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Dig Hole, Fill Hole, Dig Hole, Fill Hole, Repeat for Infinite Futility… It’s the HPE Way to Kill Your Morale!

In the military, in POW (Prisoner Of War) training, the simulated prison guards had us simulated prisoners dig a hole, fill it, and then repeat the same, over and over again. The lesson? There is no faster way to demoralize someone, than to deliberately waste all of their hard work. If you are in need of this lesson, by all means, you should hire on to work at HPE! You will then thoroughly understand this trick of the enemy, and perhaps be better able to resist it! You must retain your morale anyway, and keep your faith that some day, you will no longer be a POW!

HPE does almost exactly the same thing, except that the enemy that you must learn to resist is not some foreign foe, it is HPE management itself. You see, under “forced distribution” performance reviews, many-many workers and bosses will strive to APPEAR as if they are helping and training “the new guy” how to do his job, and to do it well. In reality, they will put up roadblocks to hinder (sabotage) “new guy”, so that “new guy” will look bad, so that they can look good (in comparison)… So that “new guy” will be the sacrificial lamb, sacrificed at the next traditional, ever-recurring round of layoff festivities. There are a very-very few remaining REAL team players left at HPE, who will actually try their honest best to help train “new guy”… Training “new guy” is “filling the hole” or void in the organization, when there’s more work than can be done with the existing workforce. But then, inevitably, upper management will “dig the hole again”, by firing “new guy” (and black-listing him to boot). “New guy” was just starting to get good at his job, after 1, 2, or 3 years of being trained. But that means he took the brunt of 1, 2, or 3 year’s worth of routine sabotage by the road-blockers, who constantly reminded the boss, of just HOW MUCH more smart and valuable that they, the job veterans, are, than “new guy” is. “New guy” must be laid off, and the cycle must be repeated!

Advice for HPE management.

Your constant churn of training new employees and then laying them off, and black-listing them, is killing your employee morale and effectiveness (not to mention your ability to attract new recruits). What are you doing?! It’s not working! Try churning your top management instead, until you have some top management that has a modicum of decency and common sense.

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IMHO, a big part of the reason that OpenStack is circling the drain is because of HPE. Mark Shuttleworth never quite came out and said that, but if you read between the lines, that's what he was saying in many of his op-eds around 2016 and 2017.

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HPE is a little like the guy in the Science Fiction story who gets a full dose of radiation. He's not dead yet, but the end is inevitable. Course that guy is almost always the one who does it to save the rest of the crew, but that's not relevant to this analogy. This poor schmuck is getting the dose just to save the cowardly captain who bails out before the end knowing what is coming (CF). Thinking that Openstack would bring HPE into the present happened a while ago but was the beginning of the end.

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Another borderline wack-job rant, but this one is true.

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