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not surprised at all

i'm not surprised by more layoffs at all. we have management that can't be trusted to protect anybody's interests but their own. they play political games and make poor business decisions and then they are shocked when things go south.

now if we could put some people in senior management positions that would actually know how to do their jobs and wouldn't just work on ensuring they themselves are not fired, we might be able to do something.

until then, don't expect for layoffs to stop.

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This company is paying the price now because of their shady and greedy business deals. Thats how they are a forbes 500 company but ultimately every dog has its day but unfortunately the little guy always gets the short end of the stick. If you are currently employed by this company I suggest you look elsewhere and if you decide to work for this company don't.

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Layoffs need to start on the top, start laying off executives, directors, and managers who make bad decisions. We need to hold people accountable instead of "passing the buck".

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100% accurate

This company is a tangled mess.

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