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Now that things are looking up...

can we rehire some of the people who were laid off? We really are seeing more people at our store, but we are having more and more trouble keeping things running properly with insufficient staff.

If we want to keep these customers, they need to be satisfied with the service. Right now, I'm not sure that'll be the case for much longer. We are not robots to do jobs of 3-4 people for much longer.

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that would be a resounding no it's the payroll cuts that are driving profitability right now sorry to say but true

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Was in store and OH STL and, I assume DTL based on conversation flow, talking about hours being allocated to the store and whether or not there would be overages on the allotted number of hours. Sadly there are so many competing incentives and values that they get more twisted than a bowl of spaghetti and leave guests and team members wanting to (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻.

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