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Nobody is safe

They look as if they are trying to build trust, then can employees to reduce headcount. I have seen this time and time again.

This is Aramark in a nutshell. You are lulled into a feeling of false security and then one day out of nowhere you are show the door. Horrible and deceitful company.

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I was layoff end of April. AVP scheduled a meeting 3 day before for updates, during this meeting I was let go. I left an amazing job to join Aramark under a lot lies!!! Working with a team that was disgusting! My manager always thinking he know more than everyone and my colleague a complete a--hole!!! Will

Look at me every day and say: you know in our team if they decide to let go somebody you will go first then me, you know that right! Because this company is nothing without me!!! Funny!!! The only ones I saw staying there after each lay off “4 before me” was people who did leak the balls of senior directors and AVP!! The employees which was good and knew what to do, got let go!!! Aramark is a loser company, worst sh-- company ever! Poor mentality and is based on lies!!!

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