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Musk calls boss of Tesla critic to silence him

This isn't good folks. Elon calling a guy's boss to silence him from bad mouthing Tesla's financial performance. I thought how they went after the "sabotuer" was heavy handed. This just truly shows how thin skinned and little of a man EM is.

Yes a job is a job but working for this guy just seems like too much. The recent news about Tesla asking for refunds from suppliers is also troubling. Might not be a company much longer? Sounds like they don't have the money to pay suppliers? Definitely looking at other options.

What do you folks think?

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What is smart?

To alienate everyone around with his rage and anger fits? is that smart? Do you think all those corporate officers quit because he's so kind and considerate? Tyrants never last.

How about smoking weed on a podcast seen by everyone, including investors? That little stunt caused a $7 billion stock selloff. Is that smart? Know many CEO's that smoke weed on live broadcasts?

Or Tweeting false financial information just to spite short investors and wind up with the SEC going after him? is that smart? $40 mil fine for stock price manipulation.

Or how about committing slander to an individual rescuing kids in Thailand by calling him a Pedo? Is that smart? Slander and libel lawsuit pending.

How about building cars in a tent? Is that smart? (Wow, seriously?) I guess you do what you have to do when you're desperate. The last I checked, GM, Ford, and Chrysler have hard roofs over their assembly line.

How about launching his car into space? Is that smart? (only God knows how much that stupid stunt cost). What's next?

When does so called 'smart' - migrate to lunacy?

Me thinks lots of you folks really ought to start looking at what an individual does, not what they say. The first step to your own sanity is to layoff the company Kool-Aid and take a walk to clear your mind. Open your eyes and ears.

Long before him- there was a man named Howard Hughes. He too was an innovator/inventor/engineer. Back then, he was called 'eccentric'. That's code for a 'crazy guy with money.'

Just like your guy, he was wealthy as heck, but he didn't know how to restrain himself. As it turned out, his money was his curse. He eventually become a legend in his own mind, that and anyone silly enough to admire him through constant media attention. But they didn't know him personally, we was a recluse.

History shows what happened to him. Look it up. Your guy is going down that same path. That means- time is not your guy's friend.

History is replete with innovative derelicts, meeting their demise in short order.

He'll be no different.

Therefore, "just 'cause you can, doesn't mean you should."

And Forest Gump said it best- "Stupid is as stupid does."

That is a hard rule to live by.

Mr. Hughes found that out, as well as others like him.

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Only thin skin person would do such a thing. He has to learn how to be humble and it is OK to be criticized. The guy is smart but he is a jerk.

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