Thread regarding McDermott International Inc. layoffs

Cat is out of the bag !!

Huge layoffs this week !! Say goodbye to Hackberry boys/girls !!

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It is time to go back to your cube, shuffle some paper and play on your computer. You bring a lot of value to a company.

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All business can be boiled down to a few trite platitudes like pigs who do onto others get out of weeds and manage for business. I hope M execs see your extraordinary insightfulness and put you in charge of something important. You must be a lot cheaper than the hogs which are managing for profits without a golden ruler. Just keep those sayings posted in your office and repeat them whether or not they relate to the subject. Like Forrest Gump you will achieve amazing things.

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Are you from India? All you want to do is argue. You so smart!

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“I am an engineer that understands business more than you”

Congratulations. You sound insufferable. I’m sure you make everyone around you miserable.

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Yes you are in business to make money. However, if all you do is manage the profit (cut corners with bean counters) and not the business you will be just like CB&I at the end. I am not a CB&I left over, I am no longer with them and would not work for them again. See I believe in doing things right, I am an engineer that understands business more than you do.

Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. Try being a pig instead of a hog! Treat you customers and employees right and they will treat you right. I think it has something to do with the golden rule, do you know what that is?

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No doubt advice from a CBI leftover sitting in his cush desk with no real responsibility or productivity. Wake up - ALL publicly traded businesses are in business to make a profit. But thanks for the clarity cause we’re getting a better understanding of who we’re dealing with now.

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There is more to business than profits. Manage the business and not just the profit. Get out of the weeds and look at the big picture if you want to be successful.

Pigs get fat, Hogs get slaughtered!

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Retire from CBI a few years ago after 40 years. This is all so bad, was never like this in the early days. Always had good people. Down fall was when CEO change was from an engineer type that worked his way up through the ranks and was replaced with a bean counter banker type. Although he was a smart banker and never went to jail. Management greed took over, ruled and destroyed it all.

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Quality means nothing for these people. Management is only in it for a short term and do not care about the customer or their employees. They do not even know what is going on, to busy issuing reports. You get what you pay for, good luck :).

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If your not currently offices in India Malaysia or Mexico you might want to update your resume. Key word low cost centers.

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Is Tyler coming in to clean up this mess?

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Hackberry boys and girls? I guess you are referring to the Moss Lake boys and girls, not Moss Village?

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