Thread regarding Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc. layoffs

Nobody over 50 is safe at Broadridge

When you hit 50 at Broadridge, you might as well start packing up your personal belongings.

You simply make too much money and nobody there could give a rats a-- if you have a family or not.

Meeting their numbers will always be more important than loyalty

So much what @OJjPj8U-5ynsv said. Broadridge doesn't care about experience and knowledge anymore, it's all about cutting costs. The company is replacing seasoned employees with cheaper employees who have no idea what they're doing without a second thought.

I can't wait for them to realize just what a mistake that is when the quality of work goes down drastically.

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Yep, Re-Org & layoff 50+ & making 80k, specifically mgmt folks! I too was laid off in one of these. So were several others, mostly woman a year ago. So it's about time for another April, May, June hit at the end of their fiscal year.

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This company is an absolute joke. How they continue to fool Wall street simply amazes me. The technology is old, There is absolutely no new business. They moved from sleazy Jersey City to an even filthier Newark to save $$$ then fired anyone who had any business knowledge. If you make 80k a year, you are a target. They can hire 5 employees in India !! Run if you can.

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