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Layoffs and Bad Times

They have already been layoffs but they haven't officially called them layoffs. If you look deeply enough anyone who's been with essendant more than 7 to 10 years is no longer with the company basically. They've been offered packages secretly and have found other positions elsewhere. If essendant announces they're having layoffs it will send a message to the marketplace / Wall Street insinuating the notion of essendant having additional bad Financial Health health which is preposterous because the balance sheet already shows the financial struggles essendant is going through. I'm not a financial analyst but I can say this.. essendant biggest struggles are

Misguided leadership


Uncommitted customer base

Reaction time to market trends

Being one of the largest players in a dying industry. Essendant has no more room to grow in the office supply industry which was foundation it was based now it's time to contract/step aside and let Amazon and independent reseller buy directly from the manufacturers...

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