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Encore Performance

Over 2 years ago, we handed down to CHAP a sentence of BANKRUPTCY. Why ? The fact of the matter is it was feckless leadership that was marching to the same cadence as a parade of fools. Drowning in ever increasing debt, BANKRUPTCY came and went with the new story of a bright future being just over the horizon. Well, sorry to disappoint , but CHAP now has an encore performance of the parade of fools in motion. They have taken on more long term debt and did not have to go far to find a greater fool to invest. Memories are short and fade quickly. The previous bondholders who had their heads handed to them in the last BANKRUPTCY need a way to recapture that lost capital. Oh, lets go public ! The OTC market did not provide enough "dumb money" to bail the new overlords's list on the NYSE ! Presto Change-O...Eureka ! We have found deep liquidity. Translation: There is enough "dumb money" in this market that we may get our money back ! Don't count your chickens before they hatch previous bondholders...some of the same feckless fools that drove the bus off the cliff to BANKRUPTCY are still there...Rinse and Repeat. A fool and their money are soon parted...

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Where is all that "dumb money"? Market cap is at 669 million. Looks like the ex-bond holders (now proud owners with buyers regret) are about 531 million FURTHER in the hole ! Wait for it..."We uplisted from the pink sheets to NYSE which will give us greater liquidity and ultimately greater value to our shareholders". Sound familiar? Get smart Mr. Board members..."rinse and repeat" normally has the same outcome.

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