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This is the goal

Third round in under 12 months. Most of these people don't fit in with the plan though. Traditional network model is dead and cloud fail fast is the future. Axing some dead wood will allow F5 to get into the developer lease model where you have temporary employees churn product out nonstop.

It seems weird if you've been in the old model for ages, but this is the current way to make money, pump and dump.

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Developer lease models don't fit into a cloud strategy. Sorry to burst your corporate bull$h1t bubble my friend best run back to Havi or Bay Den networks.

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I’ve seen some like OP before. Loser in the real world, troll in the internet. I feel sorry for you.

For those who lost your jobs, you are the best in F5. F5 is so far behind the technology curve. Staying longer will only reduce your value. Take this as an opportunity, find somewhere better for your career. My best wishes for all of you.

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Nonsense has its limits...but not you. Stop this cr-ap.

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