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Sikorsky FAFO DEC 31st?

Teamsters local 1150 / Sikorsky / Lockheed Martin

Please please stop this madness. Man up and tell your employees what is going on! Do we need to look for new jobs? Find cheaper living? Sell our homes? Pay for a loved ones medical condition? Take care of our own mental health?

Keeping people in the dark like this but allowing things to slip through the cracks is Bull Sh--! You are actually driving people to insanity. Just let everyone know. Give us reassurance or give us time.

I beg you!

I can't take the stress any longer!

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Sikorsky Fafo Consolidation” notes


Fafo created in 2007 as overflow facility at peak production

Projected growth predicted in 2020 but line chart going to 2026 will not hit ever 2014 numbers. (We peaked)

Company said could keep 50 people for flight ops. Pay for a&p refresher course for FAA eligible emplyees. Recruiters come to florida to help place affected employees within the lockheed network and be goven preference.

Union trying to get Govt help with with FAFO lease payments. Lockheed said they overlooked cost of lease to UTC when they purchased company which is $500,000 a month

Union said substantial layoffs are coming. October is when layoff will begin. Working to keep the bldg open until more work or end of the lease in november 2020. Lockheed purposely deceived us to get through the previous negotiations. Filing unfair labor practices because of backdoor discussions without contacting them. Lockheed agreed they did not “Bargain in good faith,” and union basically has until October to negotiate the best deal.

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The union has our backs. Now that’s funny right there!!!

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Stop spreading fear. Support your local Teamsters 1150! The union has our backs!!!

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