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LM loves suffering!!! Here we go,,,AGAIN!!!

We are being used as pawns in a nasty game of corporate whack-a-mole. I guess we will now see the worth of our union in regards of saving our jobs. I know they are working hard for us but in the end, LM calls the shots. I smell future trouble for LM as all deliveries start being late and big fines are imposed. There is plenty of work to keep FAFO open, just look at the orders. Is greed or just corporate evil at work here? Good luck to everyone affected...we will need it!!! Remember, there is dignity in eating crow !!!

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If you have been in any aviation employment for very long you know this is what Lockheed Martin does, they have figure heads that have figured out how to make buying selling and closing profitable. That’s the name of their game they have done this for years.

our Senate approved billions of dollars to manufacture Blackhawks, our tax dollars are funding this so who is getting that money, ding ding ding( the already rich shareholders).

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Where's Trump, Rubio, Mast and Scott? They visit the plant when a contract is awarded, but when the sh-- hits the fan they disappear!

Follow up on Carrier, Trump visit was a photo op. Plants closed in U.S.A., Plant opened in Mexico, Jobs lost in America!

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