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More layoffs at Zayo, July 2018

Another round of what really amounts to back door layoffs. Tons of great employees who are dedicated and hard working, they just happen to do it from home, were told to move to an office location or you no longer have a job. Some actually worked from an office, but one that's getting closed. No relocation help, no real warning, nothing. Zayo is truly running all of their experienced foot soldiers off leaving the few the remain burdened by the complete lack of experience or skill of the "replacements." Current C Level are mostly transfers in from Level 3 and almost seem hell bent on ruining morale for the sake of their own ideas. I though we were supposed to be the anti level 3, corporate, etc.

Posted in an old thread by @H8ZUMH6-dfeox , but I thought more people would see it as its own thread. I hope the OP doesn't mind.

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it also depends on who you work for within the company. some employees have never been back into the office since they were aquired. stating their boss and team is in Denver so there isn't a need to be at a office surrounded by folks they don't work with. this seems to be tolerated if your on the "right" team.

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