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When Nokia will say no to own SoC b---s--- ?

It has been years since Nokia decided to go with own SoC designs instead of relying on TI.

What we have except no modern 4G/5G SoC, plethora of HW bugs and new products that cannot match old products performance ?

Everything that SoC touches, turns to sh--.

Lionfish = f---ing disaster where previous generation of products based on TI are much better.

Massive MIMO radios = f---ing disaster, too late and not meeting any goals

5G PHY on FPGA - f---ing disaster, always late, subpar performance

Lionfish2 - greatest joke so far

When Nokia top management will deal with this, or maybe they have to loose all 5G market before it will even start ?

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Let me just tell you how smart the management is at Nokia - they bought the biggest house available and can't even fit 5 chairs in it. Hint: there is something wrong with the size of the chairs. You'd think the guy who's designing the chairs would talk to the guy who's buying the house.

Waste of time, money, late to market, late to start in design, pressure on employees to fix management screw up decisions, work weekends, late evenings into night, you name it ... AND no one at the top is accountable for it, in fact, they end up with a bigger bonus then those of us who are actually giving up personal time to fix the issue. ON TOP OF ALL THAT, they want us to travel to Europe (waste of money travelling) for meetings to listen to them lecture us about deadlines tied to (their big) bonuses. This is just so screwed up but that's just my opinion.

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The Macro group decided to drop the Nokia SoC. It is way behind schedule. Down in Small Cell, I dont think upper management really knows whats going on. We are ran by Sales and PM. Developement schedules have been cut so short that all we are able to do is implement eval boards. NO INNOVATION IS ALLOWED. All this outsourcing to China is a disaster. ALL projects are behind. I wonder if you Nokia employees have noticed that you dont really here anything about Quality anymore. Thats because they dont care. Get it into the hands of the customer and we will do the last 20% of Engineering in the field. All Small Cell products are ticking time bombs.If any of the products actually sell, we will be buried in field returns.

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Being there had first hand experience with those Nokia stuffs. It would be hardly to believe that Nokia won’t go down like it’s mobile division in the past. Management are arrogant and only care about numbers (who knows where and how it comes from) in good looking slide packages. They don’t give a damn to the quality of their products, their customers and their employees. 5G products development seems the only bet for it’s future survival. However I don’t think they can make it. Even they could, no one would want it due to either the bad quality or way too late to the market.

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