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Salt Poured on 205 Schenectady Union Slugs Today

205 Union employees released from the Schenectady defect factory today.

Although I have little affection for the lazy, self entitled, uneducated union employees that make up such a vast portion of the factories dwindling work force, I truly would never wish a layoff on anyone. Even terrible employees have obligations to those they love and that part of the equation does make me feel sorry for anyone released today.

With that said, oh my god, it’s about time! This productivity dud is finally on its way to the rubish heap. Anyone who works here must know that it’s only a matter of time before 273 and it’s manufacturing is retired. A work force that is completely over compensated for a technical skill set that it no longer possesses, a materials engineering group that has had no significant advances in its product line in two decades, and a once competent management team that has been replaced by smiling empty suits that know all the current catch phrases and nothing about managing an operational work force.

Trust me, the remaining work is going overseas, and soon. Schenctady was given a final chance to save its self two years ago and instead of unifying everyone associated with 273 blew it. The Schenectady manufacturing team, unionized and otherwise should be ashamed of itself. It’s a disaster that has taken a decade to run its course.

There is nothing funnier than watching the salaried employees try to align them selves with managers that they think may save their job, and watching union employees talk about their contract, abuse FMLA benefits, and file childish grievances in a poorly veiled attempt to veil there negligence and poor performance. It’s like watching cats and dogs trying to kill each other on the Titanic. Priceless.

It’s a done deal the nails have started to close the coffin. It’s a sinking ship!

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Really? I find it hard to believe that these people are responsible for the current situation of the Power business. The schenectady plant I know is a proud facility that has generated billions of dollars in profits for GE shareholders. Look elsewhere for GE's problems.

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Wow, I had no idea all problems associated with GE were the fault of the employees. That darn “fake news” citing the numerous missteps and aquisions by the B.O.D. and their esteemed C.E.O. (Alstom,Baker-Hughes). Thank you for the interesting annalogy of the mighty General Electric Company being taken down by 700 union workers in Schenectady, NY. Perhaps I should print your comical annallis, I am running low on toilet paper.

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China could do their country a favor by funding more unions in the USA. Companies would continue to flee the USA for China. Thanks to the unions China is booming.

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@Uz8e0T0 Well Said!!!

Maybe the union itself will have some layoffs soon. Their due collections just dropped. That’s a huge cash reduction for doing nothing but being a parasite.

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