Thread regarding Cognizant layoffs

What''s in store in 2019

The attrition rate is very high but so is the intake rate. Net addition of 7500 employees in one quarter should raise some eyebrows. They are hiring left, right and centre. They'll cut around 200 senior level executives anyway. But that might not be enough to balance the payroll and since pay hikes will be coming soon. My hunch is that we're going to see quite a few forced attritns in 2019 via lowest rating as the company will look to cut costs to attain higher profitability.

Digital and others are mostly buzzwords to please the street. Many of the new hirings are in legacy technologies like mainframe.

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It sector made too much noise around outdated skills to fool the Indian government that old employees are useless and justify layoffs thru forced resignation.

All the has made techies run away from old tech and sadly there is not much work in the AI, robotics bigdata apart from nose around digital.

so who will do the good old tech work.... cheers, less and less newbies opt for this stupid where change is an excuse used by corporate goondas to make higher and higher profit by exploiting workforce in unethical manner

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