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Nowhere to go

I'm really tired of FMC and constant worry about more layoffs, but from what I can see I am stuck here. Every other company I've checked out is in the same if not even worse position.

I'm really not sure what to do. I'm too old to change industry right now, this is what I know. But this job is destroying my mental health due to all the worrying.

I hate feeling stuck.

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I don't even know who management is even more. It's a mess. India is incompetent.

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When the economy spirals downward or when your company is exploring ways to cut wages and salaries, one of the last things you want to hear is that your job is going to an overseas. You may feel a wide range of emotions from disbelief to anger, but keep them in check.

Good luck guys

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Almost everyone at Gears got a package and a good one! Take it and run, run, run!!!

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If you graduated from Penn State, your safe, don't worry.

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If you stay here in this caustic environment you deserve all the abuse you get.

And if you can’t get a new job outside of here in this booming economy, you have the brain of a rutabaga.

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I feel the same. And it is unfortunate that the company has chosen too go in this direction. When I came to work here the company was employee minded and had my respect. The management has sense lost all my respect and never will regain it. The good news is there are plenty of jobs out there I'm sure none of the good employees will have a problem finding another company that actually has " ethics and core values ".

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