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Pulse of McDermott

This is a terrible place to work. Even employees who love their jobs hate this company. We have been treated shabbily. And it will continue. Layoffs. Pay cuts. Train your peers on H1B visas so they can offshore your peers. Morale is low but based on reality. Management is evasive so we expect the rumors are true. Nobody is excited about building a New Kind of Company. Ridiculous. Slapping a happy face on sh--ty treatment doesn't fool anyone. We're not f---ing stupid.

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The truth hurts.

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You are stupid AND trapped. Who else is going to hire you with CBI or MDR on your resume now. I’m on the same boat. Stupid for staying here this long. Reputation is ruined by association.

Then you have guys like RH who killed everything he touched getting millions. Ho Ho Ho - jokes on us.

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Allow me to retort with 2 words, Jeans Friday. HA! Burned! Makes up for everything! Bet Cbi mngt wouldn't tolerate dungarees around the Country Club! Am I right? Who's with me?

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Everyone is miserable

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Morale = lowest ever

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