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Can someone explain to me the near singular focus on margins? Because I think it's a losing strategy in the near term. It's completely putting the cart before the horse.

As the number #3 player, we should be focused on growing MARKET SHARE! Grow market share, and I guarantee you the rest of the numbers will take care of themselves in the long run. Bezos has been telling Wall Street this for 20 years, and last I looked they just topped 1 trillion. I highly doubt he loses any sleep over margins.

Look, anything sold at a profit is a profit. Period. I don't care if the margin was only $0.01. Plus, you potentially gain new customers. Repeat customers. Maybe customers stolen from a competitor. And you grow market share.

I think what's happening to the company is the natural outcome of letting Wall Street tell you what to do. Not what you know is the right thing to do.


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They focus on margins because they're id--ts. At this stage, there is no way they should be thinking about profitability. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you have id--ts running the company. Start by firing the CRO. NOW. He clearly is clueless about growing a company and would rather pontificate from his little perch in Salem than engage the team he is supposed to be leading. At what point does the CEO - who is generally a decent leader - realize that maybe his sales organization is managed by an incompetent? As the stock price continues to drop as it has been since January, these mo--ns are starting to panic and doing things that most bad leaders do - virtually ensuring the continued decline. Sad, really, because Extreme used to be a phenomenal place to work and these sad excuses for leaders are to blame. Q1 will be a big miss and reactionary layoffs will ensue.

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