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Our Vision and Values

The video is a gathering of MDRs finest minds and I took the following inspirational notes

8 seconds: poster board reads ‘what about legal mdr projects’

9 seconds: DD presents strategy in crayon – second poster board is of an explosion

2:30 : the guy with the hat is personally responsible for killing every business he touched – getting off the bus that you destroyed and get on the bus that your about to destroy. No thanks.

WTF is this what management has been doing for 3 months?

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Just watched it. Get off one bus and get on another bus. Quoting the late Yogi Berra ‘we made too many wrong mistakes’. Who is this guy and how did he make the cut? Really want to know.

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Finally watched the video. Thanks for the play by play. Made it worth watching.

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45 seconds - 2 ladies putting up mdr logo with management holding scissors - representing the new company cuts

1:31 - guy doodling on his note pad drawing a smiley face

3:55 Gentry cheerleading that mdr should be the employer everyone want to be at

Can’t believe they spent money on this but then again just about everyone I know is working on resumes right now while getting paid - so yeah, thanks mdr. Can’t wait for next video

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You have no values, you worship only money and that is all. Look at your company!

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Good point ONGC is a government ran oil company ant therefore subject to FCPA review. These are serious charges and it wouldn't be surprising to see the US Goverment take an interest. Apprently technipfmc has "evidence" if so I would imagine see the sudden relocation of the accused to a overseas venue not subject to US extradition. That beeing sound you hear is the bus backing over anyone who can be blamed to separate them from excom level. So who's the fall guy / scapegoat.

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The bloke who alledgidly stole data from Technip. Was he there?

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Keep in mind these things are carefully scripted by third party consulting firms. Attendees are carefully selected for diversity and having the “right” attitude. It’s purpose has nothing to do with the employees it’s all about convincing the investment community that mcdermott is a progressive successful company that they should invest in. Don’t think the timely release of the scripted video on all social media outlets was hap hazard it’s coordinated with 3rd quarter earnings release.

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Great post with insightful observations. 'legal MDR projects' - I saw what you did there :) you can try out as a comedian when they walk you out. Thank you though. i was entertained.

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Look at the cultural integration snaps. See all the different races & nationalities & countries are pushed together in one shot? What ridiculous task are they conquering as one?

I would be embarrassed to have my picture taken there. I would be furious for having my time wasted there. I guess when the only common denominator of the group is that they are different, they can only relate on the most basic level? Does this make you like your coworkers & respect them & relate to them? Or view them like children which just fell off the back of the special ed bus? You will leave believing you have nothing in common with them.

In the scriptures, diverse cultures worked together as one to build something great. It was King Nimrod's Tower of Babel! Is that what these blokes are, a lot Nimrods? They sure sound like Nimrods to me!!

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