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Don't trust management!

The whole open door policy is a lie! If you make a mistake and bring up an issue with your manager you can bet that nothing will be solved. Not only that - they will retaliate against you. Suddenly you are the one with behavior problem and it's an official part of your review.

Basically you are stuck with two instead of one original issue. Not sure about other departments, but at Customer Service this is how it is.

Management is not your friend trust me on this!

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CAT team auto and property alike are exactly the same. You have to fit into the cookie cutter view of an employee to be treated with any respect at all. God forbid you have personality that doesn’t match a managers. I saw 3 amazing employees lose their job for minor infractions. Good hard workers too. And before anyone says it was hear say, they all shared their write ups with me. One was for forgetting to put an out of office sign off on their email and being 3 minutes late to a meeting. He was in the bathroom for longer than anticipated and had to explain that to a panel of managers. How degrading.

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This is very true. The Emploee Relation and HR team are a joke. I am so happy that I left Farmers. What a joke... I can definitely say the Auto Leadership is a discriminatory and lacks people skill. Only time will tell the down fall of this company. The management does have any pulse of reality and lacks true leadership. One guy talks about spaceships. Other one giving Big vendors projects, where I am sure we can trace kickbacks. Dont join the Auto team it’s a horrible place. I feel bad for the people that work there. Get out if you can. Also they are not hiring in CA

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