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I was at PayPal when they split off from eBay back in 2015. They sent out mails leading into it telling everyone their jobs were safe, no worries, there wouldn’t be anything more than title changes.

The weeks after the split were a bloodbath with entire groups getting laid off with little/no warning. It wasn’t at all uncommon to see entire teams walking out with those sh--ty boxes. Saying their goodbyes just outside the front doors. People’s badges not working when they show up. One guy was talking about being thankful he got in the building after seeing folks stuck outside....until he couldn’t login to his machine. Started packing up immediately.

It was nuts.

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"Employment is at-will with PayPal. If you don’t like us, then leave this place. Please don’t be whiners"

Paypal doesn't like its employees to stay in a position for longer than 1-3 years, any longer than that you're seen as not being able to adapt to changes quickly enough.

You join a position and you're tenured within the first month because everyone else is leaving.

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Employment is at-will with PayPal. If you don’t like us, then leave this place. Please don’t be whiners


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Because history repeats itself, if they lay off like this now they'll do it again.

The stats are rigged, management can place any person in any spot in rankings.

So if they do not like you your stats are going to be bad no matter what.

People who were great workers got laid off all because management decided they didn't like them as a person.

I've been working there for 3 years and after the first year is when you see that you've overstayed your welcome.

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So you bring this up three years after the fact because....?

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