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Open enrollment coming.

Oh no. I just realized the annual insurance re-up is coming in November. Anyone who remembers the train wreck of last year ("You have no in-network doctors within 25 miles of the city? Well, stuff happens. Too bad. We have plenty of doctors here in Vegas. Don't be such a baby.") will view the coming open enrollment with some dread. Got to wonder what Bally / SG is going to do to us this year.

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Las Vegas is chronically short on doctors of all types.

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Again, another year with plans that are "EPO" instead of "PPO" so there is no out-of-network benefits. So if you accidentally see out-of-network providers (due to Aetna's c-appy, incomplete, or incorrect website), or if Aetna disagrees with you on what an "emergency" is for whatever reason, you can be exposed to severe financial loss or even bankruptcy.

This, combined with the jokingly small network of doctors on 2 of the 3 plan choices, is a real insult to dedicated employees. Sure, you can pay up $$$$ for the other network on the "Critical" plan, but in some cases, can be as much as $5000 more in up-front costs to the employee (BEFORE even seeing one doc) vs. the other plans.

Normally, if large/respectable scale employers in the United States offer plans without out-of-network benefits, they'll at least offer the plan with a very large amount of in-network-doctors, to the degree of having nearly every doctor in your area in the network anyway. Not the case at SGMS! We get no OON benefits combined with a narrow network!

Or, alternatively, if a large/respectable employer offers a plan on a very narrow network of doctors (think HMO style), they'll at least make the cost structure of the plan, such that the employer is paying for the bulk of the costs, with small co-pays and low (or zero) deductible. Not the case at SGMS! The narrower network plans here have high deductibles and eye-popping out of pocket maximums!

So your choice is to pay through the nose for the "Critical" plan, which may be completely inappropriate for your medical usage patterns, or on the "Essential" plan settle for a narrow network of doctors (that isn't even consistent with which hospital-groups are in-network or not. It's a hodgepodge of some docs in, and some docs out, at each hospital group.)

That, combined with unreliable data on Aetna's website, so you're always left wondering if a doctor is actually in the network or not. And no out-of-network benefits.

About the only nice thing I have to say about these plans is... at least they're better than what's offered on the ACA exchange... But that's not a very high hurdle...

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Maybe they'll stop the LTC insurance. oops, too late.

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