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medicare giving layoffs for the holidays! get out while you can

bear with me as i am explaining this second hand. furthermore im only giving limited info to protect identity. those who want to get straight to the point, the medicare IS laying people off. end of story. if you care for a sob backstory keep reading. i will not be replying as i just so angry about all of this. they are getting rid of people like my mom who have worked there so long.

my mom has worked a long time at the aetna company in various depts. i will also add that we are good friends with the boss and their family. know them for a long, long time. good rapport.

yesterday, she went to ask about transferring to another dept. just for a change. my mom is like that. recently open enrollment began so i guess they arent allowed to move. but they also mentioned to her (without her even prompting, my mom didnt even ask) that she shouldnt worry as they would have no problem transferring her "if changes to the dept would occur. like restructuring. the boss said "just know we arent safe either ." we meaning them and other bosses. note that the boss probably felt comfortable saying that to my mom because they are a family friend. i dont think they would have said that otherwise.

my mom said they hired a lot of people in the last year. a lot of turnover in this dept. also a lot of long term people have left too.

what made me write this is because someone in that person's family (the boss) messaged me this morning (once again, we are friends with their family so this is not unusual, but still a surprise. i hope that makes sense).

it almost felt like a guilty conscience message. like they knew my mom might get fired or something. they told me the boss has been applying to other positions within aetna and wanted to know if i also knew of any positions where i work. i work in a totally different field, not health care, BUT it is more related to the boss's major in college and previous work.

i played dumb and asked why the boss is looking for work. they need to pay them more hahaahh.

they responded, not really, nothing you can do about being let go.

anyone reading this in medicare, look for other work, transfer if you can before they throw you out with the trash!

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So what I am getting from this it is Medicare Management being affected not all medicare employees.

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