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I good insight into the practices of our CEO

I have worked under George O for over a decade with Tyco. He will sacrifice you so that he may gain, especially if you disagree or challenge is authority- i have seen it. Even with all the "synergies" the stock price has underperformed its peers in a thriving economy. I am a employee of 19 yrs and I would not buy this stock. If anything where we are in the economic cycle i would be shorting or buying puts. Laying off people is easy to get a quarterly number, and to George its second nature. Cutting your way to growth is counterproductive, to getting trust and cooperation within a organization. George's myopia is unfixable, he has a simple playbook which he follows tough to him at GE. Sadly that playbook has not turned out to well for GE's shareholders or employees. The only way to get a change is for the Board of Directors to fire him without paying him -sadly this will not happen-. To really make a change the remaining employees ought to contact the Board and tell them what is going on. The picture that George is painting to the Board is very different that what is actually going on i feel. What do you have to loose?

Originally posted by @PLDp3pM-5Zrfo . Couldn’t agree more.

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