Thread regarding Follett layoffs

Field team member seeking feedback on GVPs and up.

The team is only as good as their leaders.

Please consider the following when responding.

How good are our senior leaders?

How good is the strategies being used?

What is the quality of the communications we receive in the field?

Does leadership make you feel valued?

Do you fell like you are treated as though you are the problem, not the solution?

The floor is yours.

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Agreed. We need RMs to have smaller regions so they actually see their store I eve in a while and fewer GVPs. Don’t we have MVPs for the high level contract stuff anyway? What do they do that is not fulfilled by RMs, MVPs, and HR?

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Good point about GVPs not being needed. If GVPs are so important for maintaining relationships, why have we cost so many contracts in Texas?

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Follett doesn’t need GVP level...reduce # of stores for regional managers and increase their ability to assist, guide and train store staff’s. GVP level is redundant, waste of big $ and not needed. GVPs fool themselves in thinking they are important for campus relations...campus administration and faculty know that relations on the ground are most important for providing their students and faculty a satisfactory service level.

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We don’t have much contact with senior leadership, so the conference was our best opportunity. It was underwhelming. Same strategies as the last conference years ago. All that talk about e-commerce investment early in the year and they tell us that we are getting a modern website out of it in two more that all you’ve got? No one seems terrible, but there is a lack of vision and ideas.

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