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Severance release & non disclosure loopholes

For those laid off by West in the past year, check the non-disclosure release document you signed. They have a major loophole that will allow many people to sign them, take their severance and still go after a claim against West for more money or even sue them.

Check the opening paragraph - it will name your employer. If this says something like: "West Revenue Generation", "West Safety Services", "West Interactive Services Corporation", "West IP" or anything OTHER THAN "West Corporation", then you can still go after them or sue them for more damages.... so long as it does NOT also say something like, "and its affiliates".

The parent company is "West Corporation." West Corporation wholly owns and controls all those other operating entities. Your claim is that you did release and agree not to pursue "West Revenue Generation" or "West IP", etc., but you did not sign anything that made you agree to not pursue "West Corporation." And West Corporation is the entity that owns and controls those other operating entities, West Corporation is the entity that employed the HR people that attended your lay-off meeting and explained things to you and acted as the ongoing contact for additional questions. West Corporation is also the entity under which the legal department and top executives all reside and they are the ones that made the decisions of who to layoff and drafted the release and non-disclosures you were made to sign to get your severance.

Because of all this, you can still go after a claim against West Corporation, because that's the entity controlling things and making the decisions.

If you were laid-off and you worked in corporate, your letter will name your employer as "West Corporation" already. And if they finally caught on and started including words like "West Revenue Generation AND ITS AFFILIATES," than you can't use this loophole because the "affiliates" would then include West Corporation as one of the entities you agreed to release, not go after for more money and not say anything bad about. But if your letter lists anything other than "West Corporation" and does not say anything about affiliates, you can use this loophole.

Take this information to an attorney and tell everyone you know that got laid-off.

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Just got additional money from West after already accepting their severance package. Took this information to an attorney and it worked.

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