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The dead weight scientifically lingers at the bottom

People always target their sarcastic remarks towards upper level management unfairly. In most cases, not all those people are go getters. The people that make these companies great. They aren’t the ones sitting in the same job for 20 sum years collecting paychecks for just showing up. Get rid 2 of those and you have the salary of a manager or up. The dead weight scientifically lingers at the bottom. They keep their jobs by just getting by.

I heard some good friend back east say as many as 20 were let go in one area. Most of them good steady workers. Heard they all got packages not that it will help them come 6 months from now.

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It is obvious who made the decisions on the last round of layoffs.......

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Mate- you're simply blind.

To wit: it is prima-facie these two posts were asinine and woefully ignorant. The previous comment about 'deadwood' is clearly biased, without merit, and obviously made to justify the latest insanity created by a bloated obsolete management. The very nature of humans destroying each other requires the mental justification of creating a myriad of absurd general excuses to soothe their own primordial conscious.

The latter comment, is the atypical envy based 'sour grapes' comment by an obvious WMS drone, incapable of looking outside the box at the competition. Both of you ought to be summarily axed, and will no doubt be swept up by the next wave of corporate 'pimple popping.' Bloody dolts.

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Another XBally guy phones it in, probably had the project manager for griping do the typing though.

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