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Owens-Illinois Layoffs 2019

If the economy turns around, do you anticipate any Owens-Illinois Layoffs in 2019?

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Some Portland, OR. print media is saying 93 are being laid off.
It appears The Oregonian scooped all the TV news.
Big surprise, the "news channels" are usually pretty clueless as they parrot whatever comes across their national industry feeds.

On Dec. 6th Portland's D-Tank will be shut down until the first of the new year and A-Tank is being "idled" for an "indefinite" period of time. ...and 90+ people will be laid off.
Management is going to "freeze" it to "preserve" it and cannibalize it for parts to put on D-Tank
(There is no B or C Tanks)
We were told this shutdown is due to a "soft market" for craft beer which has been a good part of our business.

BTW, Anheuser Busch just bought the entire Craft Brewers Assoc out here.

I believe most of this shutdown is driven by unethical corporate/plant practices of not paying the co$t of doing business such as scheduled downtime for inspection, repair, and replacement of ancient artifact equipment.
The culture and DNA of this place for years had been system failure/difficulties and the backed up shop it causes = "operator error" and "poor job performance". Yep, Just run the systems and operators into the ground and blame them when it backs up to the leher.
Our mechanics and HE Machine Repair go from one drama to another b/c the entire plant is a mechanized obstacle course. 60% of our bulk pack systems (A-1 & 2) are 1950s vintage and the ALL 4 of the automatic load strappers are from the 1960s. Yet all of this is Frankenstein-ed back to life as needed with enough parts to restart it and still operates with the same lack of reliability which has costs us in productivity, safety, and morale.

And anything else associated with A-Tank in the Cold End is easily a sh– storm.
The only bulk packers replaced were the decaying D-1 & 2, both of which now handle the lucrative wine runs (these will finish at the end of this month) and then we color change and go back to beers after we restart D-Tank at the first of the year.
These replacements were done at the same time the D-Tank furnace was rebuilt from the ground up about 2 years after it failed and caused a 2 alarm molten glass leak.
It's so sad that 90+ people who bust their asses in this plant are losing there jobs.
I wish 60 Minutes would look into this and find the root causes.

It gets "even better".
Management and the union want us to go to 12 hr shifts.
There were informational meetings held for all the shifts and second ones b/c the union rep couldn't attend the first series. I heard a guy ask a corporate rep "Who wants to be on the shop-from-hell for 12 hours?"
And that coworker is RIGHT!
Corporate has given us NO help in resolving A-Tank issues.
NO new Hot End machines.
NO new FP's/ICK's
NO new bulk packers to replace the #1, 2, or 3 (A-1 & 2).
NO new load strappers.
And these geniuses want us to work 12 hour shifts?
A vote was taken this week and the 12 hour shifts narrowly lost b/c at least 18 people who were being laid off didn't vote.

That s—ing sound you're hearing is the Portland plant circling the drain.
I estimate we'll be closed by July at the latest.
I hope I can last long enough to get a severance check.
Last one out, turn off the lights.

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