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Spirit AeroSystems Layoffs 2019

Make a prediction and tell us what you think about Spirit AeroSystems Layoffs in 2019 -- Thoughts??

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We will never know what the facts are when dealing with Boeing.
Our company is not like Boeing we operate under different rules.

Boeing Board of Directors; Rules of conduct
Never be honest there’s to much at stake, here are the Methods

  1. Always remember - people are afraid to challenge you.

Both because it violates social propriety, and because of their fears that their
own secrets will be found out, people don't question others to their face.
So simply count on being allowed to mouth off and make outrageous claims
with no fear of being contradicted or with objectors themselves facing ostracism

  1. Point to your legitimate successes or bona fides.

Stanford was a genuine knight (mediated by Antiguan authorities).
Madoff had been president of the NASDAQ stock exchange's board of directors.
There are big buildings with Trump's name gaudily plastered all over them.
So simply trot out your past successes (magnified as much as possible)
At every opportunity, and add on whatever bullshlt you wish.

  1. Act arrogant - keep it up.

Although arrogance might seem to work against you by offending people,
It is the supreme intimidation technique - people are readily cowed when
Someone acts like he is better, smarter, more powerful than they are
The Only Danger is if you act modestly or question yourself,
Because people WILL attack weakness. In fact, even when you
Are being arrested (as in Stanford's case), attack your accusers.

  1. Claim Esoteric knowledge or Techniques.

It doesn't matter if the formula you use to explain your success makes no sense
People aren't secure enough to challenge something they can't understand.
In fact, it pays to make the secret to your success as incomprehensible
as possible while linking it to something beyond questioning,
Like say relativity, quantum physics, gravitational field theory.

  1. Always delay the day of reckoning.

Contrary to the idea that, if your are standing on a foundation of bullshlt,
You will begin to sink, send questioners and doubters away. In the interim,
They will become re-intimidated by how highly your bullshlt is regarded.
When they return (if they have the guts), simply go back to square one,
Make the same claims with the same evidence, and in the same arrogant,
don't-question-me tone.

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Count on more layoffs to come after the rate reduction sets in. Still WAY too many people. Dead weight will be cut!

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With the shut down of 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9 and no one know for how long that will stay for sure they will be a layoffs.

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I was cut in 2017.

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