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Ex Deloitte Employee Hyderabad and gone through very tough phase

I worked with Deloitte Hyderabad for close to 2 years, and my experience with Deloitte was worst nightmare.

Deloitte's reputation is very good in market ,but things are worse inside Deloitte India(especially Hyderabad) with level of politics going to the filth.

Selected in Deloitte Hyderabad as NOC Assistant Manager, i dreamed of staying there for 5-6 years and planned to take my career path to next level.

I worked very hard as NOC manager with working on graveyard shifts of 9 hours ,sometimes 12 hours.

To my surprise ,people who are sitting in Deloitte since long (8-10 years) didn't feel comfortable with my presence and felt threatened. Instead of support and mentoring ,i faced filthy politics, jealousy and subjected to inferiority complex.

In the name of performance, every other work and initiative was micromanaged by my manager and deliberately faults were identified to collect negative points against me.

In case of anything positive done by me, it was completely washed out .The harassment was up to that level that i felt helpless.

The management first decided to raise PIP against me,but they didn't have enough grounds to raise PIP as i didn't committed any mistakes.

One more thing, companies nowadays using processes like PIP as tools of misuse and not as an improvement platform.

Finally after 5 months ,they raised PIP after collecting some negative points .The performance was good during PIP, but as per management it was not matching with my level.

I also reached out to so called "integrity" team in Deloitte ,which is specially made to check cases of harassment . To my surprise they accepted that injustice is done with me, but they didn't take any action.

They finally decided to council me out of Deloitte and i was unemployed .

My intention of telling this story is that the scenario in IT companies is not just limited to companies like CTS, IBM or infosys ,it is worst in almost all the companies.

The Deloitte was crowned as best place to work ,but it is worst place to work.

These companies site performance reasons for terminations of certain employees ,but for some other section of employees who are close to manager or management,the performance yardstick is different, and they enjoy a good time in company.

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