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Not looking good for the RedHat workers under IBM’s umbrella

My former company was acquired by IBM several years ago and became part of what is now known as Watson Health. This past May, about 50% of my former colleagues were laid off en masse, even though Watson Health is considered to be the IBM's "moonshot" (I personally bailed before all that happened as I had already worked for IBM in the past and knew what they were all about).

Further, two other acquisitions that were made as part of Watson Health saw 70-80% of their respective workforces laid off right around the same time. Hopefully Red Hat fares better, but I'd keep my résumé updated and at the ready.

This post was originally a reply to another thread ( @VTljECw-ync ). Think that we should all be prepared for this scenario.

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1) internet reimbursement was ALWAYS manager discretion. My manager doesn’t do it because nobody on my team has a special need. That is not new.

2) this is true on my team because we are busting at the seams and growing like crazy. (Pre-covid sharing desks and office space). We are all WFH now so that is not an issue. When we are back to normal someday I suspect we will have to get more space. My team considers desk and space sharing a first world problem.

And yeah, it makes sense that offices are reserved for certain levels. It has always been that way at red hat. There are just not that many offices so I am not sure what you propose as an alternative. Most of the offices on my floor are shared by 2+ director+ level ppl.

3) some teams simply operate better when physically together.

I don’t understand what any of that has to do with ibm. It really doesn’t.

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Some RHatters being told:
1) No more internet compensation
2) Forced work share stations at RH tower. Offices now for Directors & above.
3) Managers requiring more employees working in the tower. Stale belief that remote employees are less productive.

Sounds very blue to me.

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“IBM’s moonshot...”. ROTFL...more like premature ej€£¥_ion....

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And so it begins. Red Hat Culture is being destroyed from within. Leadership roles are being filled with yes people & top down managers from EMC, Net App, Cisco, HP, etc. The true Red Hatters who had been responsible for what IBM wanted, are leaving.

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IBM would be stupid to buy Red Hat which has no IP and then lay people off. The reality is anyone who is let go can start a new company and carry on with the source code because its OpenSource.

IBM is ultimately the loser if they destroy Red Hat culture.

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