Thread regarding GE Power layoffs

GE Power - you guys tried your best against lack of sales

The engineers at GE Power know their stuff, they engineered good engines. The PDE designers are amazing modelers.

What it comes down to is lack of sales, simple as that.

Maybe it'll turn around, but not for another few years.

In the meantime, does anyone know how much Walmart greeters make?

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I don't think its simple as a lack of sales. With dwindling market share in the power sector perhaps its more a case of lack of vision and lack of competence.

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Not completely true. Customers are wanting high efficiency and high power, regardless if it was designed in the 2010's or 1930's

GE engineering is up there. Design it, build it, test it, and after the testing they'll change one, perhaps two blades. GE engineers know their stuff

And the PDE designers are fantastic. The engineers would quit if the modelers were let go

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it is not a lack of sales. its bad management and a product that has barely changed since the 60s.

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