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Cisco is not different, everyone cuts...

Our entire 200-300 person team received a 1:M invite from our VP to find out everyone was being let go. Figured the news couldn't be too bad since everyone was on the invite but that changed fast in the first minute of the call. Hope this isn't the case for you here.....if it is, that LR taught me things I have never forgotten about how little a company really cares for you and how important it is to ALWAYS have your personal financial situation under control (emergency savings & minimal debt as possible).

Layoffs will always be a part of large organizations - Cisco is no different (even though they seem to love LRs), the best we can do is get ourselves prepared personally to react to it - ironically, this was the most valuable lesson I learned @ Cisco - a lesson that had nothing to do with networking

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Seems like there is a whole article written purely based on anonymous posts on this site:

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Anybody who got layed off consider yourself lucky.Feel sorry for the people left behind,the culture that they find themselves in,they will regret that they weren’t layed off.

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This was my comment to another thread - I don’t know why someone created a post out of this. My comment is referring to the 2016 layoffs, groups was CPSG.

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Is this serious, which team/segment/group are you referring?

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what team ?

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