Thread regarding Nokia Corp. layoffs

Good way to drive us out and not pay us severance - in USA

Must work weekends and late evenings with no pay, no salary increase, not even a cup of free coffee (forget coffee, they don't even have filtered drinking water out of the fountain) = people leaving on their own without severance.

If you don't treat your employees properly, then how are you going to get anything out from them. Weekend work is a total joke and waste of employees time and moral just goes even further down. So tell me why I should work weekends if I'm not getting paid, and when the bonuses come around, I get paid $1 while the exec's get paid $1000. I'm the one sweating on the weekends and they are the ones making the money. They drive around in there brand new BMW (bought with their bonus check) while I am still driving in my 20 year old car. I'm doing the work and they are the ones getting paid. No thanks - you can keep your weekend work and your $1 bonus.

Trump , Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint - where are you - the USA employees need your backing.

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Yoder is trying to bring p--pstreets to the US with HR392

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Nokia has never wanted a US employee presence. They are European through and through, with some cheap development sourced out of India and China. US employees are simply and interface for US customers. Telecom industry is overall, complete c-ap; as it requires far too many employees to produce a product.

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