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You're going to get cut anyway so who cares - just post what's on your mind - Over 100K employees at Ericsson and Nokia but only a few postings

It surprises me that there are over 100k employees at both Ericsson and Nokia, and only a few postings and those who posted have only one or two replies. Why are people so afraid to post what's on their mind? If you're afraid you're going to get laid off because of the posting, well, that is going to happen anyway. Did you get a chance to look at Qualcomm, and Intel postings? So many people post their. The postings are anonymous. So go ahead and share your frustration cause others are feeling the same way.

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Former non-technical employee of Nokia's. Trained my Indian H1B replacement.

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Well, Nokia US is really bad now. Whatever they can is going out to cheap countries in eastern Europe and India. Very toxic situation and layoffs every 2 months. I guess everybody too depressed to post.

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