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2018 Re-Org / Upcoming Change

Here's a little insider information about the upcoming Re-Org. Will it happen in November before the Main Sales Season or in April/May after the Sales season... that's the Question? Now our new leader "NB" has to decide when to Execute his plan, but he has been extremely Private on this and the majority of his upcoming decisions. (Changes)

One thing is for sure, "NB" has a Plan. One major concern should be the "Nepotism" that has existed within the company and the existing terrible Leadership in sales led by "IM" will come to an end. "IM" as we all know... MUST GO. She uses Nepotism as her mgt. style and she is a terrible leader. "NB" as CEO will be replacing management with his own leaders and this will give us all a Well deserved shot in the Arm.

I'm Optimistic that the first group of Kibby cronies that were hired at McGraw-Hill in 2012 will finally be sent packing. They will not be missed, that's for sure.

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This post is right on point!

4 years ago I said “ this is the worst leadership that I had experienced at McGraw but ever since Irene took control its been the worst I’ve ever seen at McGraw. A full turn over is definitely needed.

I’m trying to stay optimistic but I don’t see irene being replaced , but I certainly hoping for a big change.

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