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New Unkind of Company

Extra hours on the road and lost flex days. No more balance in the work life push pull. Losing touch with my kiddos. More strain on my marriage. Blood pressures up. Not what I signed up for. Something's gotta give.

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If the survey is supposed to be anomous, why is the top 4 questions trying to pin down what office you work in??

No thanks, i am not falling for that one!!!!!

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Fill out the integration survey! Have your say so it can be filed away & never acted on.

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If you've been at McDermott a long time then you must be a f---ing dumb--s who lacks the skills, intelligence, ambition and self respect to find a job at a company that doesn't treat you like sh--. Nobody cares what you think so pipe down and let the adults measure their penises.

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Been here at Mcdermott a long time and I still don’t know why there is s Tyler location. Even your old CBI management does nothing but bad mouth the work that comes out of Tyler. Always interesting to see how you take over a conversation of how great Tyler is but this is the only feedback we hear. I worked with Howe baker years ago and I recall cost over runs. I think the company I was with even sued Howe Baker.

Best advice - integrate into the Mcdermott way.

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When all you care about is cost, nobody is going to buy your junk. You need to be able to estimate, schedule, sell, manage and execute a project. To much emphasis on cost and not enough on doing a good job. Cut so many corners you are going in circles.

Speaking of circles, the buzzards are circling.

Tyler did not worry about scheduling because they knew how to schedule a project, sales could sell it and project managers managed the project/customer, not the engineers.

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No rebuttle - the guy from Tyler must have been canned.

But I like the idea of a good ole fashioned dance off!

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Agree. It sounds like the same person writing both sides. If Westchase said that The Woodlands are all sh--heads, it wouldn't start a flame war. Someone just wants to change the topic.

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Pompous and petulant. Yep, sounds like engineers to me. And they have nothing to do except stew over b---s--- that happened years ago that nobody else remembers because the average CBI tenure is 5 years. REALLY?

What's with taking sides like they are rappers with a "beef" "dissing" each other? Do you REALLY give a sh-- if I lob a slight at your office? Is it really that personal? Sounds more like some a--hole is trying to distract from the theme here. The sh--ty work environment.

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Wake up Tyler - you have years of bad projects, irrelevant technologies and zero leadership after king left. Not even sure who you got now. Bout a month away from closing down the place.

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Don’t care about schedule and who cares about the cost. Sounds like Tyler.

Problem with Tyler is the other companies took everyone worth a c-ap.

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Tyler has had plenty of successful projects. We do not have to prove it. We do not drink the Woodlands and Westchase kool aide. We do not let project managers, unrealistic scheduling and purchasing push engineering around. At least we used not to. Just goes to show how much in the dark and clueless you are!

Tyler used to be Howe-Baker and I am glad I worked for them.

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While at it. What’s a Tyler - sounds like they’re cbi’s top secret secret weapon.

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Allow me to retort with 2 words. Jeans Friday. HA! Burned! Makes up for everything! Bet CB&I mngt wouldn't tolerate dungarees around the Country Club! Am I right? Who's with me?

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Where are the family photos? Trophies, diplomas, momentos? Not here, the place looks like a cell block. Better not to bring it in just to pick it up from security on some random Saturday. Really don't want HR pawing through my things while cramming it into boxes.

No smiles. The women sometimes cry behind closed doors. I've seen it.

Mechanical unemotional greetings in the morning between people being polite, almost like they can't stand each other. But it's just the contrast from the way it used to be. Or is it that they both hate this place. Either way no joy now.

I've never worked in this kind of environment.

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What's CVR? Don't have access to the CB&I terminology list since I was walked out and shoved to the curb.

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Tyler - Y’all must sit around the pond and reminis how you helped Houston. say it enough times it became true to only you. Name some successful projects if there are any.

Can you say CVR? Explain that

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Are majority of people who were laid off by MII getting new jobs?

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Agreed - except for everything you said

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Technology will not boxed up and shipped wholesale to India. Can't be done without risking the 4 bill investment. All others are at risk. Good or bad, MII or CBI, put in your time or green, two advanced degrees or Hamburger U. Management are not looking at your CV or your review. Management are looking at your group's comp and is it more than India's. The bus is coming for both of you. You are both being thrown under the bus. Just save yourself.

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There’s not a single existing customer that hasn’t had a bad experience with Tyler. Used to be if Tyler f’d up a project bad enough someine was immediately promoted to VP and sent to Houston (tell me that ain’t true). Thanks for the help? Y’all must sit around the pond and reminis how you helped Houston. say it enough times it became true to only you. Name some successful projects if there are any.

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Nope. Tyler was/is terrible.

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Regardless technology engineers are untouchable. And so will never be replaced by Untouchables. HA!

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Let me make it perfectly clear. CB&I engineering did not go down hill until CB&I bought Lummus. CB&I Tyler was known for doing quality work and making money. Please do not think all of CB&I engineering was bad. Tyler repeatedly bailed out Houston.

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Cappy is MII engineering, not CBI. But we agree that Cappy's job will be offshored. And we agree Cappy is a douche with inflated sense of self worth.

Yes engineering will be reused over and over, that's what standardised product lines means.

If CB&I's failed due to bad engineering and too much leverage, how will MII fix? Even more debt and engineering in India? Bravo!

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reuse engineering? nobodys thinking that. everyone knows cbi engineering f'd up the first time. there is nothing to reuse. gotta take it to india were it can be done right.

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Capt Oblivious, there is no "CB&I". We are One McDermott Team, creating a New Kind of Company, following the One McDermott Way. The McDermott Tao if you will. We need an official McDermott iChing to know the Tao. I vote we change the name LinQ to McDermott iChing. It's got a very Steve Jobsy feel that will surreptitiously ease our own cultural abandonment and transition into passive peasants.

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Last post, Thanks, Capt. Oblivious! If your a-- will stop talking for just one minute...Strike 1, you are "experienced" so you are above average in your comp range. Strike 2, you are an engineer in a New Kind of Company who want to standardise and re-use the same designs. All engineering is pushed down two levels. You survive only if they get rid of two other engineers down the hall. Strike 3, you are McDermott. Management just paid billions for CB&I. Management have to keep CB&I engineers in employ or the investment is at risk. Your self worth is delusional conceit. You think like an engineer, circular reasoning to justify your belief. You need to think about the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

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Clear that CB&I has taken over this site. Yes, I do work at a higher level than high value engineering centers. No I don't have to take less than HVEC because I put in my time and have a couple of advance degrees.

With that said I bet the disgruntled mailman below got his juco welding degree from cbi college and should be worried. Thank you though, I feel great joy that I will survive a few more rounds of cuts with dead weight like you around.

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Exactly. Can you live on what they pay people in third world countries?

Of course not you f---ing id--t. And that's not the point. The point is don't trust people who pretend like they're putting together a team but are really just trying to f--- you

Can you live on the wages they pay Indians you arrogant prick? It's not about "self worth".

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Sounds like a philosophical on self worth. Do you think you do better work than high value centers? Can you take the same pay or lower than high value centers?

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What kind of a THRILL does management think we get from building a New Kind of Company if we will be casualties of the process? More misdirection.

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So true

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Cultural integration is a pantomime. We are going through the motions but it is all pretend. And it is a subterfuge. You are looking at the mime but you are distracted by what is really going on. Your jobs are being sold out from under you right now. Not maybe. Not later. It is part of the plan. For God's sake don't sit still and wait for it.

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Everyone's basically the same inside. Everybody loves their families and wants to provide for them. But don't be fooled. We are economic beings in competition for jobs & money & resources. A burglar is just like you on the inside but he will still take your TV. And your overseas competitors are just like you but they will take your job in a heartbeat. And MDR management will give it to them in a heartbeat. This is not a good company, these are not good people. Get out while you can.

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Everyone’s working more hours with lower productivity for less pay. That’s one way to become the employer of choice in the industry...

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I was not joking about the Gandhi quotes by bubba the mdr culture czar at the complete dix meeting. It was comical but very much with purpose. Get used to it. Say it again, these people do not share your values. They don't care about you or your family. They will pay you until they can train up someone to work cheaper, overseas.

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So true.

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You should join us for company sponsored tai chi in the lobby. Course, I have to leave home about an hour earlier but the strangers I live care less everyday. It will do wonders for your blood pressure. And introduce you to eastern philosophy. All part of cultural integration. A oneway street. I bet MDR doesn't hand out Bibles in Mumbai or China.

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